Simple but complete !

Everything your business needs

Real time activity monitoring

Follow in real time the contractor's activity in your buildings.

You know who is doing what, when and where.
Thanks to user's identification and object's localisation, you know precisely that the job has been done correctly.

Event history

For every building's element, the platform-based apps memorise the history.

For instance, what as the last problem occuring and how it was solved.
Now, you're able to remember everything in one click.

Intervention follow up

From the problem reporting to the solution, any site job is recorded in order to follow the issue effortless.

Property portofolio health dashboard

Simple dashboard help to have a quick overview of your property holding's global health.

Quality management system

Quality is telling what you do, doing what you tell and check what was done. SpatioData helps you to check everything about building's intervention and therefore it is a quality system component.

Crowsourced information

Everytime they use one app, the site workers contribute to grow the amount of informations. They are helping real estate managers to build a their asset's knowledge.

No need to dedicate workforce to maintain a Building management system.
It's done for you !

Simple and ergonomic

Our apps just make their job in to keep an excellent ergonomy for field workers. Not more, not less.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

Every datatype in

Whatever the datatype is (text, photo, structured fields, plans, etc...), we can handle them.

You don't need plans !

Plans are frequently obsolete, partial or lost. No problem for SpatioData, we can use them but we don't need them. We are able to manage any building element (rooms, HVAC elements, ...) from scratch.