Central benefits

  • You don't need plans !

    Plans are frequently obsolete, partial or lost. No problem for SpatioData, we can use them but we don’t need them. We are able to manage any building element (rooms, HVAC elements, …) from scratch.

  • Every datatype in

    Whatever the datatype is (text, photo, structured fields, plans, etc…), we can handle them.

  • Shared data in the cloud

    SpatioData hosts every relevant information in the cloud and allows authorized people to access them.

  • Long term memory

    We keep traces of every intervention and they are accessible in one click. Isn’t it faster then looking into your archives ?

  • Access your data from anywhere

    Most of the time, data are required on the field when you face a problem. Just take your smartphone and you’re done.

  • A huge productivity step forward

    Information captured from a mobile device is immediatly stored and shared. There is no need to make double ou triple reporting and the information is easily searchable.

  • Certainty that the correct issue is fixed

    With the unique identification of every building’s object, you are always sure that you find the good element.

  • Quality management system

    Quality is telling what you do, doing what you tell and check what was done. SpatioData helps you to check everything about building’s intervention and therefore it is a quality system component.

  • Up to date software

    The Software as a service model garantee that you have always the latest version of your application.

Des bénéfices selon votre secteur

For the public administration

Manage efficiently your subcontractors.
Your data are accessible in a few click.
Real time follow up of field activities.

For property manager

Feeding your database is done directly by field workers.
Quality management system.
Faster issue solving process.

For contractors

Direct reporting effortless.
Time sparing.
A way to prove that the job was done.
Simplicity & ergonomy.