• Connect with your buildings

    Our apps let you know who is doing what, when and where in your buildings.

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  • Simplify your job.

    Report once on the field and and never forget what was done.

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    On site building data management means no after-hours reporting.

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Web & Mobile building-centric applications

Facility management apps made easy ! We do connect you with your buildings. SpatioData is the building block enabling the implementation of dedicated, light and easy-to-use applications aimed at the various stakeholders concerned with buildings. 

  • Problems encountered

    The daily management of buildings is a very costly activity.  Collecting complaints, managing sub-contractors, organizing and storing data as well as the history of technical interventions are time and money-consuming activities for owners and contractors.

    Since most stakeholders in these activities have chosen not to invest into a building management system, the only way to gather information about 'who' did 'what' (for instance, the maintenance operations on a heating system) will be to look for this information into accounting documents, which proves to be both time-consuming and inefficient.

  • Solutions provided

    With our unique platform, we offer the best custom-made apps for any building-centric applications. Our apps help managers and contractors to be connected with their building data. Real time monitoring of contractor's activity is now a reality thanks to the location-based reporting: you know who is doing what, where and when.

    A remarkable advantage is that the construction and maintenance of dataset is done directly by the contractors. The more you use it, the more you know your buildings !


Use cases


Fire-resistant door maintenance app

Firedoor is a web and mobile application that manages reporting and conformity data of fire-resistant doors.
Data can be imported or contractors may start from scratch and create unique door tags progressively.
FireDoor is the utimate solution to meet annual inspection requirements.


Building information management

BSBook is an collaborative application that gives everyone the power to record and keep a long term memory of any building data (plans, construction details, photo, contractor's intervention, energy consumption, etc...).

It simply helps you to never forget what was done.

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"I was always forgetting when our boiler maintenance was done and who did it. Now, is memorized in the BuildingStoryBook."

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